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Sweet Dreams

There’s no “new car smell” equivalent for new websites, and that’s a bummer.

Instead, there’s nothing in the air but cautious optimism. Sure, it’s empty now– but oh boy! What it could be!


What can it be!?

Ideally this site will be a smorgasbord of:

  • Guides n’ how-to’s
  • Scribbles
  • Fondue recipes
  • Quick, quirky, wordier thoughts
  • Miscellaneous etcetera

This is gonna be a harbor for my daydreams. Instead of losing thoughts to walking through doorways, I’d like to catch a few of em’ and give them a home.

Along with that– I have a few other goals in mind too:


Paying it Forward

I can only do the things I do because people before me wrote wonderful guides online either in blogs or in stackOverflow answers.

The best roundabout way of saying thanks to those folks to me would be contributing back to that space. I already try to write up documentation for a lot of the things I do, so here’s a public home for it!


Write More

While the readership of this webzone will be exclusive to wanderlust twitter folks & my parents, I work at newspaper where the same can’t be said. There’s ample opportunity to do my own research and writing, so I’d like to be more confident in writing in general.

You only get good at a skill by doing, and so this is me publicly egging myself to write more. (*This also is me giving you permission to shame me if you see this blog-flower wilt from neglect over the course of many months.*)


Own the Medium

This is a bonefide blog, but I’m still going the self-coded route. Medium, Wordpress, or what have ya seem like swell options, but I like having complete control over everything.

Instead of having to cross my fingers that various mapping libraries work with this, I can make it work. If I want a feature (such as tooltips! Or the musicbox at the top of this post! ), I can make it.

This means each post will be more work, but hey, maybe it’ll be worth it. After all, these are artisanal blog posts folks!!


OK, ...but why naps?

also… my professional email has been MoriartyMaps for a bit. I like the juxtaposition. A digital dream catcher for the dreamt doodles of a busy fella just trying to get some naps in.

Hope very much some use will come of it. If some folks get some enjoyment out of it tho, that’s enough too.


– D.M., out in Norfolk VA

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