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A Busy Person's Correspondence Card for the Modern Era

While reading through a scrapbook from my great aunt Dorothy, I was delighted by this postcard:

Apparently this was a trend from the 1930’s, coming in varieties and different art. It’s a novelty, but shortcuts for the communication of feelings & situations that doesn’t require you to be a poet are alive and well today: 💃

These are good, but too general to really be relatable to the trials of today. So, naturally, below I’ve created the first Busy Person’s noveltly card since the early 20th century: reimagined as an interactive form for you, yes you! to fill out.

Feel free to screenshot it to share with the pals, folks, chums, sugars, hubbys and wifeys in your life. Watch as they bask in the shining glory that is your wise time managmenet acumen.

Busy person's correspondence card
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-D.M., happy holidays folks

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